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Animal Rights/Liberation in the UK
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This is a community for the animal right/liberation movement in the UK. It will primarily act as a news source focussing news of actions and how to get involved. There is of course scope for discussion of various aspects of animal rights and veganism, particularly for those who are new to it all. This is however a pro-animal rights/liberation community and as such posts that are in opposition to the movement will not be tolerated. There are other communities for those with an anti-view of animal rights.

» No off-topic posts.
» All large or graphic pictures and extensively long articles must be put behind an LJ-cut. Posts including graphic material or links to it must include a warning with a short description. Any post that doesn't follow this rule will first receive a warning, and then be deleted if it is not edited.
» No trolling. If you troll, you'll be banned, simple as that.
» No disallowing comments. If you make a post disallowing comments, it will get deleted. Don't post something here if you can't handle what people have to say in response.
» No pictures-only posts just to show off your animals. There are an abundance of livejournal communities created solely for this purpose where you can share.
» Once again, try to have intelligent discussions here. If you come here for the sole purpose of starting unnecessary fights, your comments will be deleted and you'll be banned. This includes resorting to childish insults. This is a community for mature discussions. If you can't handle this rule, don't bother commenting.
» You may advertise your community here only if it is related to animal rights issues.

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