LiseyDuck (nelsolidarida) wrote in animalrights_uk,

Nellie says sod the circus

Defra announcement re likely ban on wild animals in circuses

Channel 4 news item

More news as it comes.

My concerns with this are a) that it doesn't include 'domestic animals', mainly horses but also possibly camels and so on, and b) that 'static circuses' are exempted. There are 3 'static' circuses (based in a building rather than touring) in the country (2 in Blackpool and one in Yarmouth, Norfolk - where i ran the campaign against animal acts for ages) and it was a big struggle to get them to quit using animals, and i'm concerned about them getting leeway to bring these back. But maybe that's just my natural pessimism. Anyway, for now the news is good. :)
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