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Sad news from ARCnews/Realfood

Pasted from this morning's email. Neil Lea, for anyone who didn't know, was the editor of ARCnews, co-founder of the Realfood vegan campaign and the Vegan Buddies scheme. He was also the partner of Mary Brady, who is the author of a number of animal rights books, and stepfather to her young son Seamus.

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Neil Lea died this evening at around 6.30pm at the Princess Royal Hospital
in Telford. His passing was peaceful.

Neil was an extraordinary man. Each day was a battle to overcome, sometimes
very painful, illness to get on with his tireless campaigning for animal

Born spina bifida, Neil recognised that his life expectancy was below
average and lived his life accordingly, impatient and determined to make a
positive difference. His vision, moral courage, tenacity and strategic
insight made him a great campaigner.

Neil remained ambitious to the end and rarely talked about his illness,
unless asked, or even his past achievements but instead focussed intensely
on his next project.

The loss to our movement is immeasurable. But Neil's strength and
determination should inspire us all to continue the fight - no matter how
tough it gets.

We love you Neil.

Edit: a page has been set up here to remember Neil.
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