LiseyDuck (nelsolidarida) wrote in animalrights_uk,

Latest on raids

Message from Freshfields, received via Veggies this morning:

"As everyone knows Freshfields animal rescue in Liverpool was raided
yesterday. Approx 50-60 police arrived at 5-30am smashed the front
doors down and let 4 dogs escape, 2 of which are still missing. Later
on another dog was able to escape through their incompetance, but was
thankfully caught as staff were on scene. The raid lasted 13 hours
and no animals were allowed to be cleaned, medicated or fed until
after 7pm that night as they wouldn't let staff on site. The police
were aggressive and thuggish and broke a member of staffs collar bone
whilst he was trying to get to the farm animals.

Lots of negative press but the responsive from the public is very supportive."
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