LiseyDuck (nelsolidarida) wrote in animalrights_uk,

Just what the fens need, not

From East Anglia ARC email:

Crocodile farm planned for Fens

An East Anglian farmer is planning to set up what is believed to be the UK's only crocodile farm.

Andy Johnson, from Oldhurst, near Warboys, Cambridgeshire has several crocodiles for breeding stock, including one which is 9ft long.

Mr Johnson said he hoped to establish a fully working crocodile farm, producing and selling meat in a farm shop.

"We're trying to get an alternative meat in the system that's more environmentally friendly," he said.

"We're just looking at farming them in the UK to see if we can make the job add up.

"As far as we know we're the only ones commercially looking at farming the crocodiles in the UK, probably Europe."
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