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Latest on mass arrests

From my local group's email list:

Charges in animal extremism probe

Nine people arrested after an inquiry into animal rights extremism
have been charged with conspiracy to blackmail or blackmail, Kent
police have said.

About 700 police officers and support staff raided addresses in the
UK, Belgium and the Netherlands on Tuesday, leading to 32 arrests.

Twenty people have been released on police bail and a man from Glasgow
has been released without charge.

Police have been granted a further 36 hours to question two others.

The Crown Prosecution Service said seven people have been charged with
conspiracy to blackmail and two others are facing individual offences
of blackmail.

Eight people were arrested in raids at seven addresses in Hampshire.

There were 21 other addresses raided and searched in Berkshire, Kent,
Lancashire, London, Merseyside, Northumbria, Oxford, Surrey, Sussex,
Worcestershire, Yorkshire, Glasgow and Aberdare, south Wales.

Two unnamed locations in the Netherlands and one in Belgium were also
raided but no arrests were made.

The seven people charged with conspiracy to blackmail have been named
as: Daniel Amos, 20, and Gerrah Selby, 19, both of Church Crookham,
Hants; Linus Harrison, 21, and Grace Quantock, 19, both of Wokingham,
Berks; Stephen Barclay, 50, of Redbridge Hollow, Oxford; Gavin
Medd-Hall, 44, of Croydon, London, and Daniel Wadham, 20, of Brynmair,

They have all been released on conditional bail ahead of an appearance
at Portsmouth Magistrates' Court on 15 May.

The two charged with blackmail are: Dianne Jamieson, 59, of
Ashton-on-Ribble, Lancashire - on conditional bail to appear at
Preston Magistrates' Court on a date to be confirmed - and Suzanne
Jaggers, 35, of Skipton, North Yorkshire.

Ms Jaggers has been remanded in custody pending an appearance at
Skipton Magistrates' Court.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2007/05/02 20:42:00 GMT


----- Original Message -----

Following the 36 hour time limit to charge or release the prisoners,
the police have been granted a further 24hours to question Gregg and
Natasha from Shac.

It looks like everyone else is being or has been released on police
bail, we're still waiting to hear from a couple of people but assume
they're also being released.

No doubt the fact that nearly everyone has been released without
charge won't make the same headlines as yesterday.
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